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I know the impact your marching band season has on your band program.

For many of your students, it’s their favorite time of year. The success they do – or do not – have frames the way they view their band experience, and fuels the culture of your program and its future.

Which makes it all the more frustrating when your show is a dud. Trust me, I’ve seen it.

In my nine years as a director at Cedar Park High School in Austin, Texas, I’ve witnessed the anxiety of my peers when, for reasons outside of their control, their show isn’t a home run! The pain felt when designers don’t deliver their best work, communicate poorly, or deliver late is very, very real.

It’s just not fair to you, your community, and most of all, your students.

Because I know what it’s like to be in your shoes, I am motivated to deliver my best work for every band. You deserve it.

Let's talk about it!

Hi, I’m Evan VanDoren. I write custom music arrangements for marching bands. 

I’ll draw upon my experience as a successful Texas band director to deliver accessible, engaging, and educationally-sound music that will make your kids sound great! It’s my goal to create arrangements that set you on the path to competitive success.

So what makes my arrangements different?

Fueled by my band directing perspective, my education, and active participation in the marching arts…

Music is written to perfectly match the ability-level of the band. Simply put – if I wouldn’t want to teach it, it ain’t getting written! Scores and parts come to you “pre-cleaned”, so your kids can sound good on the very first read!

Music is written with fundamental concepts in mind and instrument-specific challenges considered. It’s the “little” details that make the “big difference”. Things like choosing keys that put students in good ranges, and on more “in-tune” notes. Things like avoiding the throat tones on clarinets. Things like writing woodwind (and brass) technique that, while might sound challenging, are written to use very playable fingerings. Things like considering the lengths of phrases played, and how often students need to breathe!

Music is delivered on-time. Without exception. The last thing you need is the stress of “waiting” on your show… you’re “spinning enough plates” as it is!

Music will be in your hands with plenty of time for the rest of your design team to do their thing. With the foundation of your musical product in your hands, you can push it along to the rest of your design team early. With the marching arts placing more and more importance on the visual coordination of your show, it’s more important now than ever before to set up your visual designers to do their best work!

And finally…

When you choose to commission a custom arrangement from me, I’ll be here to make it right for you - no matter what.

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From an idea’s inception until the final performance, you’ll have me in your corner to adjust, tweak, help, suggest, and otherwise edit your musical program for maximum achievement and effectiveness.

Don’t have a team in place? I have developed connections around the marching arts, and would be happy to help you put in place a design team you can count on!

I have a very real passion for helping people, and a knack for creating effective, tailor-made, playable arrangements.

Let me help you create the show you’ve been waiting for!


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