Public Domain Arrangements

Avoid the cost of copyright by mixing and matching arrangements from my “public domain” library! These pieces can be purchased “as-is” to save you money and time!
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When you commission a work from me, you get...

… music custom-tailored to fit your ensemble’s size and skill.
… music written with fundamental concepts in mind and instrument-specific challenges considered.
… music paced for effective performance and design.
… music delivered on time.
… my personal guarantee to make it right for your group, no matter what!

Additional Information

  • Clients will receive a PDF score and individual parts for winds and percussion from VanDoren-Music, LLC, and Shadow Lake Music, LLC. All clients will also receive MainStage electronic samples files included in the music design purchase.
  • J Robb Designs is offering a set of detailed visual notes (both an annotated score and an excel spreadsheet of visual pacing instructions) for this production. The materials are instantly available for your current Drill Designer to create visual designs using these arrangements in a timely fashion.
  • All works listed are public domain and do not require any licensing prior to the use of arrangements.
  • A COVID19 Distance Learning Curriculum Package is also available. Created by Katherine VanDoren, Assistant Brass Caption Head of the Santa Clara Vanguard, this package includes 12 weeks of detailed musical and visual lesson pacing, show based exercises, show click track MP3s, and XML files to use with Smart music Assessment software. This is the ultimate tool for you to engage your students in times of virtual/distance learning.
  • J Robb Designs has worked with Stuart Shulman (Integrated Effects, LLC) to create a socially distant (3.2-4 step) drill design plan for a custom drill solution that is safe for your program. Custom Drill Designs are available and all will be completed by Noah Bellamy, Andrew Ebert, Stuart Shulman, or Jason Robb. All designs are written with less than ideal rehearsal schedules/setups, socially distancing requirements and irregular student attendance in mind.
  • A Custom Choreography Package is available created by Jennifer Leseth (Guard Choreography) and Joshua Wendt (Wind/Percussion Choreography). All videos will be delivered with count sheets and detailed learning instructions. Students can learn and apply show choreography even in distance learning applications.
  • Sarah Johnson, J Robb Designs' primary graphic designer, has designed The Planets Aesthetic Package for this show for any program that wishes to create a professional field aesthetic for this production. Files are available instantly for you to order Front Drops, Back Drops, and Flags for your fall 2020 production. Whether it be home football games or community performances, these aesthetics will get your group looking the part for your performances.

Music Fundamentals Package

The success of any ensemble is rooted in their approach to fundamentals!  For a small fee, I’ll use my band directing experience to create a simple music fundamentals package that will perfectly align with your show!  

Copyright Acquisition Package

Nervous about the process of acquiring copyright?  Let me take care of it for you! For a small fee, and the cost of the copyright fees themselves, I’ll take care of obtaining the rights required for you to perform your custom arrangement.

SmartMusic Package

Need SmartMusic files?  For a small fee, I'll deliver SmartMusic files with the rest of your music files.  You'll be able to immediately implement your new music in your SmartMusic curriculum with your students!

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