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Success starts with a simple foundation, custom made for you!
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Do you ever feel like there’s too much to teach, and not enough time to teach it?

It’s a feeling every teacher, at every level, has.  What you need is a simple, streamlined approach custom built for you!

With the Music Fundamentals Package, you'll get a simple, streamlined program customized for you!

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I’ll use my band directing experience to create a custom fundamentals program just for you!

It’ll include a couple of long tone exercises, flexibility exercises, articulation/style exercises, and what I call “Show Articulation” exercises, that will make exercises out of your most difficult show moments.

You’ll find that these exercises aren’t very complex… and that’s on purpose!

The value of this program, and the challenge, is created by layering the physical responsibilities often found in your marching show WITH these exercises.

It’s the combination of moving, playing, and breathing that the great bands do at the highest level – and that’s what this program will help you with!

Purchase your Music Fundamentals Package today, and reap the rewards of a simple, effective, and custom-designed approach!

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