The Planets

COVID-19 Marching Band Curriculum
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This is a strange time.

Every day, it seems, the news changes.  Today masks are required in school, and tomorrow they aren’t.  You can gather in groups of 50 today, but only 25 tomorrow.  You’ll need to take your band to contest today, but tomorrow it’s cancelled.

Today, you are faced with unprecedented challenges.

As a former band director, I can understand how you must be feeling right now, and I want to help!

Let's talk about it!

Hi, I’m Evan VanDoren. I write custom music arrangements for marching bands. 

I’ve partnered with some of the finest designers in the marching arts to bring you a ready-to-use marching band curriculum that is built to meet your unique needs.

Featuring Gustav Holst’s “The Planets”, this 5 minute and 30 second production includes music for winds, percussion, and electronics, ready for you in under 24 hours!

Additionally, packages are available to meet your visual design needs in a timely fashion!  These include packages for visual notes, custom drill design, aesthetic design, guard choreography, and winds & percussion choreography!

For those times when your band is inevitably forced to transition to fully virtual distanced learning, we’ve prepared an entire Distance Learning Curriculum you can implement for up to 12 weeks!  

And perhaps most importantly, the entire product is written with less than ideal rehearsal schedule/setups, social distancing requirements, and irregular student attendance in mind. 30% of your band has to quarantine for 2 weeks?  This will STILL work for you!

Should you decide you want to move forward, expert program coordinator Jason Robb will lead you every step of the way through receiving your materials in a timely fashion so you can focus on teaching you kids!


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